Arenson Office Furnishings

Illustration | Print and Digital Design | Marketing Coordination | 2015 -2017

Arenson is one of New York's largest contract office furniture dealerships. They partner with Knoll as well as 300 other well known and high design furniture manufacturers. Since 2015 I have created a collection of cohesive illustrations to  be used across many different platforms. From print, such a postcards and posters, to digital advertisements and publications.   

illustration to be used for various advertisements and platforms. Printed postcards, social media 

Illustration of a scene featuring different knoll products for an employee announcement card

Illustration for postcard invitation to discuss "Holistic Ergonomics"

Six panel folding brochure welcoming client and explaining furniture mock-up

12 illustrations and hand lettering to present a client with private office options

Animated gif for social media

Final printed card

Illustration for social media featuring a product from a manufacturer that we have an exclusive partnership with

Illustrations for a manufacturer mockup presentation